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"Event, Travel, and Stock Photography"

by Keith Birmingham

Learn to travel. Travel to learn.

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The galleries in these folders are primarily for editorial and private use. No photo purchased from this site with recognizable people or property should ever be used for any purpose other than editorial or private use.

NOTICE: Photos on this site cannot be licensed for commercial use from this site. For your protection when purchasing these photos for commercial use please visit my Adobe Stock site at (copy and paste) -

50% of all proceeds from sales on this site will be split between charities for the following: Homeless veterans, children fighting cancer. The remainder will be used for business expenditures such as replacing equipment as needed.

This site is always under construction and/or clean up as new galleries are added.

The "PORTFOLIO CATALOG" is a small introduction to my current photography projects.

All galleries will be kept small for your browsing convenience.

The PARKS, TRAILS, and LANDSCAPE CATALOG" is a stand-alone catalog of a major project I am working on.

A more in-depth look at my work is in the "STOCK CATALOG".

Please note that there is currently a "2-day proof delay" on many of the galleries. This gives me time to review your order to clean the photo of any imperfections it may have.

All photos can be cropped and edited from the tools menu at the bottom of each gallery and photograph.

Please, if you find any photo that contains smudges or a discrepancy of any kind please contact me @ with the name of the gallery the photo is in and I will re-edit that entire gallery.